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District Youth Development Committee

Chairman James Steinberg (845) 796-2450 jsteinberg5@hvc.rr.com
Eagle Board of Review Coordinator John Gain (845) 482-4064 gainj258@gmail.com
Merit Badge List Coordinator Gillian Kaiser (845) 856-8923 gillianmv6@aol.com

Merit Badge Counselor Listing - Updated February 13th, 2020
The Merit Badge Counselor List is now available for access by unit Scoutmasters, Committee Chairs and Advancement Chairs. The document is password protected to ensure security of private and personal information. To request the password, contact James Steinberg.

Download Merit Badge Counselor Listing (PASSWORD REQUIRED)

James Steinberg jsteinberg5@hvc.rr.com
Gillian Kaiser Gillianmv6@aol.com

Merit Badge Couselor Information

New Eagle Service Project Workbook
National BSA has released a new Eagle Service Project workbook, that is required of all Eagle candidates starting January 1, 2012. View the Eagle Scout section of the web site for further details.

Lowe’s National Eagle Scout Project Grant
Lowe’s gift cards have been distributed to participating councils. Dissemination of the cards to youth in a safe and timely manner will ensure success. Remember that these cards may be used anywhere and are NOT restricted to Lowe’s stores. For more information, including the application, go to www.scouting.org/trailtoeagle.   HVC scouts may download the application, fill it out, attach the required documents, and send it in to the council office.

Eagle Scout Rank Credentials
Effective April 1, the production and mailing of the Eagle Scout rank credentials have been moved to the National Distribution Center in Charlotte, North Carolina. Reprint requests for Eagle Scout credentials should now be directed to the National Distribution Center’s customer service line at 1-800-323-0732, extensions 458 or 488, or eagle.certificates@scouting.org.

Questions regarding Eagle Scout rank credentials, reprints, duplicate requests, and corrections should also be directed to National Distribution Center customer service.

New Merit Badges 2012 - 2014

  • Welding, Feb 2012 ; Kayaking, May 2012 ; Search and Rescue, June 2012 ; Programming 2012-2013 ;
  • Game Design, early 2013 ; Animation 2013-2014
  • Major Updates - Cooking, by end of 2012

Looking for information on Eagle Scouts, Internet Advancement, or other Special Awards and Recognitions?  Please refer to the tabs on the left side of this page.

Boy Scouting provides a series of surmountable obstacles and steps in overcoming them through the advancement method. The Boy Scout plans his advancement and progresses at his own pace as he meets each challenge. The Boy Scout is rewarded for each achievement, which helps him gain self-confidence. The steps in the advancement system help a Boy Scout grow in self-reliance and in the ability to help others.

Morse Code Interpreter Strip
The Boy Scouts of America released the Morse Code Interpreter Strip, an official patch for Scouts and Scouters who can demonstrate their ability to “speak” this special language.  Morse Code joins languages like Spanish, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Sign Language, and several others as interpreter strips available for wear on Scout uniforms (above the right pocket).  But Morse Code, a vital communications tool during World War II, doesn’t really work with those requirements.

Morse Code Interpreter Strip requirements

  • Carry on a five-minute conversation in Morse Code at a speed of at least five words per minute.
  • Copy correctly a two-minute message sent in Morse Code at a minimum of five words per minute. Copying means writing the message down as it is received.
  • Send a 25-word written document in Morse Code at a minimum of five words per minute.

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Special Opportunities
Boardsailing BSA
Den Chief Service Award
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