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Internet Advancement
The Hudson Valley Council is excited to offer Online Advancement to your unit. This new method for recording advancements is easier and more efficient because you'll be entering the information yourself. This ensures that your units information will be correct, and you can do it from your home or office, anytime that it's convenient for you. Use Internet Advancement for the following:

How Internet Advancement Works
The Hudson Valley Council will provide each unit with a unit ID, and the unit will select and assign an adult to attend training and, after training, record most youth advancements from that unit. Information input on Ranks will be recorded based on program identification and can only be entered in the correct rank and date sequence.


  • Units will be able to process ranks and awards for packs, troops, teams, and crews,
  • Units will also be able to print a unit roster
  • Units can now submit advancement for unit youth members online.
  • Use Internet Advancement for the following:
    • Add ranks, merit badges, and awards
    • Update information on existing advancements (except the Eagle Scout rank).

Click here to enter Internet Advancement                   Help 

To use Internet Advancement:

1.     Select the unit advancement processor. This person must have Internet connectivity and Microsoft Internet Explorer. 

2.     Obtain a unit ID code from the council.

3.     Gather information for advancement, including merit badge applications and advancement records with dates. 

4.     Click Internet Advancement on this page. Follow the instructions in Internet Advancement to process advancements ONLINE and print an advancement report. 

5.     Have the appropriate people sign the printed unit advancement report and submit it to the council. Save a copy for your files.

As BSA policies for rank entry are enforced, what units enter will meet these requirements:

Units should submit reports monthly, before the end of each month, as needed. Units must submit anything not yet reported before December 31 each year. Internet Advancement accepts advancement upload files from unit-management software. If you have a scout earning advancement that is not listed on your roster in ScoutNet. That scout needs to be registered.  Please turn in an application for the scout and a separate advancement form that lists his advancement(s). Changes and updates are not officially recorded until the paperwork is submitted to the Hudson Valley Council Scout Center.  It is still required that advancement reports are turned into Flag Plaza Scout Center or the Scout Shop.

Click this link for an introduction:

HVC INTERNET ADVANCEMENT WEBINAR (MARCH 2015) by Dave Campbell and Dave Ridge

Reports available on BSA Internet Advancement System:

Unit Roster
Your local unit advancement processor will be able to print a unit roster at any time. This unit roster will contain the most current information from ScoutNET, including the membership ID for each adult and youth member.

Unit Advancement Summary
Indicates the ranks, merit badges, and awards saved in each individual record for the current unit members.

Advancement Report
Listing of each youth member that has new ranks, merit badges, and awards, if any. This is your official unit Advancement Report that is to be signed and submitted to the council service center.

Unit Awards Summary
Listing of the number of new ranks, awards and merit badges by name; this makes for a convenient shopping list.

Advancement Update Summary
Listing of any ranks, merit badges, and awards that were already in the member record and were updated online.

Ready to go?  Click on the Internet Advancement link on the top of the page.