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Detailed Advancement Resources:  To obtain details on the many advancement resources and special opportunities offered to scouts, use this link that will bring you to that particular section of the National BSA Web site:  Boy Scout Advancement and Awards and Cub Scout Advancement Trail

The current Eagle Scout Project Work Book is dated October 2015 on the front cover. The current Eagle Scout Rank Application is dated "2016 Printing" in the lower right corner of page 2. Scouts must use the latest version. Both are fillable PDF's, and should be completed on line. View the Eagle Scout section of the web site for further details. 

New and Updated Merit Badges

New Exploration Merit Badge

Exploration Merit Badge


Keep up with the latest program updates


Looking for information on Eagle Scouts, Internet Advancement, or other Special Awards and Recognitions?  Please refer to the tabs on the left side of this page.


Eagle Scout Rank Credentials

Reprint requests for Eagle Scout credentials should be directed to the National Distribution Center’s customer service line at 1-800-323-0732 , extensions 458 or 488, or eagle.certificates@scouting.org.  Questions regarding Eagle Scout rank credentials, reprints, duplicate requests, and corrections should also be directed to National Distribution Center customer service.


Cub Scouting:  Updates

Cub Scout Advancement Modifications Made

The BSA has announced modifications to adventure requirements in response to feedback from den leaders who have run the new Cub Scouting program for a year. Dens may begin using the modified requirements immediately as they begin working on their next adventure.

Click here for the complete list of modifications.  and here for further information and an overview.


New Boy Scout Handbook and other program enhancements

The new Boy Scout Handbook, (13th edition), published in January 2016, kept most of its content from the 12th edition (released in 2010). The design and images inside have been updated, but much of the text is unchanged. Scout has become a new rank, and there are other changes to rank requirements effective January 2016.  More details are here

For 2017 all scouts must use the new requirements regardless of rank.


Venturing Program

The new vision for Venturing uses youth-led adventures and a simplified program model to provide a means of developing leadership skills, reinforcing the value of service to others, and creating opportunities for personal growth in line with the Scout Oath and Scout Law.

Program Announcement and Venturing Program Overview



Council Advancement Committee
Do you have more questions about procedures?  Contact the Council Committee.  For more local questions, listed below are the names of the Advancement Chairs, Eagle Scout coordinators and Merit Badge Coordinators in each of the 4 districts within our council.

Council Advancement Committee

Committee Chair:

Amy Dick

Staff Advisor:

David Horton

Merit Badge Coordinator

Fabio White

STEM Chair

Warren Collins


Delaware River District - Advancement Committee

Advancement Chair:

Jim Steinberg


Eagle Scout Coordinator:

Bill Roberts

John Gain

Charlie Ruiz

Member at large:

Burt Struble


Merit Badge Coordinator

Gillian Kaiser


Dutchess District - Advancement Committee

Advancement Chair:

Peter Dowley


Eagle Scout Coordinator:

Jim Duffy


Member at large:

Brian Colucci 

Joe Geraci

Neal Townsend

Merit Badge Coordinator

Laura Weinert


Heritage District - Advancement Committee

Advancement Chair:

 Greg Crisci


Eagle Scout Coordinator:

Sherri Raco 


Member at Large:



Merit Badge Coordinator

Fabio White


Rockland District - Advancement Committee

Advancement Chair:

Eric Sharrin


Eagle Scout Coordinator:

Anne Martel


Member at Large:

Graham Seidel

Larrie Goetz

Merit Badge Coordinator