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Cornwall                                 Hyde Park
Newburgh                               Washingtonville
West Point

Check out the Brand New Accumulative Prize Program for this year -- Your Scouts can get cash!


Now is the time to set up your Ultimate Discount Card Fundraiser for NEWBURGH, CORNWALL, HYDE PARK, WASHINGTONVILLE and WEST POINT as they are dated Dec 31, 2016.  

They are available immediately and in early January to kickoff your campaign.  The rest will be available starting April 1, 2016...but you can still sell the current cards for all other areas.

We love our Ultimate Discount Card here in the District Office and use our cards regularly.  This year’s cards are even stronger than ever. See the attached cards to see which one would be best for your troop/pack.

You asked for a local card and this is as local as it gets.

When using this program all the funds raised can be used to defray camp costs or be used for any activity or scout related projects you plan.  You can sell these cards at locations around town in uniform guaranteeing your further success.

Please contact Ultimate Fundraising to start your successful Ultimate Discount Card Fundraiser

You can contact Barry Berman to get all the information you need to get started. The number to call is 845-255-4001 or email: barry.berman@yahoo.com.


Here are more details about this fantastic program

The Ultimate Discount Cards are local discount cards printed on hard plastic, the size of a credit card.

Unlimited use and savings - discounts are good every day for up to one full year of savings.

Fits in your wallet - no coupons or booklets to clip or forget! 

The ULTIMATE value - the price of the card can be recouped on the first day!

            Easy to sell - everybody likes to save money.


The Ultimate Discount Card has been a fantastic success throughout the Hudson Valley. It has become the Hudson Valley's most popular fundraising item.

Ultimate Fundraising has created various cards for the different areas in the Hudson Valley region and can create new ones for areas that are not covered yet.

The groups that sell the cards do extremely well because their customers love the value and savings they receive.  At only $12 a card most people say they get the cost of the card returned to them in savings after only a few uses.

They have worked diligently to create the best combination of local stores and merchants on the card making your fundraising project very profitable.

Each pack and troop will earn $6 per card and there is no minimum needed to sell.

In the rare case that a card does not exist in your town a minimum order will be required. Check with them to discuss the details.

There are a few methods to successfully sell the Ultimate Discount Card:

1)  The Direct Sales Program:

This is where they supply you with a sales packet for each scout that has 5-10 cards (your choice).

This allows for immediate direct sales.

The sales packet has all the pertinent information stapled together. This includes the cover sheet

which is a sales sheet on bright colored paper showing both sides of the card. Following the sales page is a parent letter explaining the program with the key dates and the money collection envelope that has an order form printed directly on it.

2)  The Order Taker Program:

This is the exact same as the direct sales program without receiving the cards upfront.

Each scout takes orders throughout the selling period- usually 2 weeks. You can run the program where the scouts collect money upfront or you can decide to take orders now with payment due upon delivery to your customers. You order exactly what you have presold.

3)  Bulk Sales:

This is where you order a number of cards to sell at events, in front of stores etc.

You can combine any and all of these methods.


Note: Unsold cards must be returned within 45 days of receipt for full credit. No card returns will be accepted after that date.