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2018 Heritage District Freeze-O-Ree! 

Camp for the weekend, or stay for the day. 


For those Troops planning to camp for the weekend and would like to reserve a cabin, please call Donna Helt at the office to make a reservation: 845-566-7300 ext. 307


Click here for the Leader Guide



The registration fee is $10.00 per Scout and Adult Leader for all registrations received by January 12th, 2018.  It will be $20.00 per scout and adult after that date, UNTIL JANUARY 20th.


Troops may register between 3:00pm and 8:00pm Friday night, and between 7:00 and 8:30am Saturday Morning. We ask that the Scoutmaster and SPL report to the registration area as soon as the Troop arrives. The Registrar will confirm your unit’s registration.


All registered Scouts & Adult Leaders will receive a Freeze-o-ree patch.  If there are extra patches available, they will be for sale at the Registration area during the campout.  We will order enough patches to cover those who pre-register for the campout, so the extra quantity is unknown.


Two-deep adult leadership is required at all times during the campout.  All troops should be under the patrol method and led by their Senior Patrol Leader.  An emergency contact list for all Scouts and Adult Leaders in your Troop should be available at your campsite. This is to facilitate contacting a unit member in case of an emergency and to provide the unit information concerning on-going events.

First Aid

All first aid needs are to be reported to the Freeze-o-ree Staff at the Registration area.

Each Troop must supply the Freeze-o-ree Staff with a complete roster of Scouts and Adult Leadership. This will allow the Freeze-o-ree Staff to react quickly in an emergency situation with your Troop membership.

Late Arrival

During Registration, let the Freeze-o-ree Staff know the name and time of arrival of any Scouts who are arriving after Friday night’s check-in. Those Scouts who arrive late must report to the Registration area before entering the camp site.

Early Departure

Any Scout who needs to leave the Freeze-o-ree before 9am on Sunday morning, must  report to the Registration area with an Adult Leader of his Troop. The Adult Leader will remain with the Scout until he is picked-up. Those persons picking-up a Scout must report to the Registration area.

Contact E-mail
$10.00 per Adult
$10.00 per Scout
Late fee
After 1/12/2018 a fee of $10.00 will apply to all Adult Registrants.
After 1/12/2018 a fee of $10.00 will apply to all Scout Registrants.
Cancellation Policy
no refunds, registrations are transferable