Friends of Scouting (FOS) Heritage District

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Serving: Blooming Grove, Cornwall, Cornwall on Hudson, Chester, Coldenham Florida, Goshen,  Hamptonburgh, Harriman, Highland Falls, Highland Mills, Maybrook, Monroe, Montgomery, Newburgh, New Windsor, Walden, Warwick, Washingtonville, Woodbury, , and West Point




April 10, 2014


Dear Friend


Scouting’s success depends on the tireless efforts of our volunteers and the generosity of our families and Friends of Scouting like you.  Your investment in Scouting assists us in providing the best possible programs for the youth in our communities. We are a "not-for-profit” organization that relies on the support of individuals and the community to provide a quality program to the youth that we serve.


It is with your help that the Hudson Valley Council continues to provide training for volunteer leaders, program resources for our Scouts and Leaders, and most importantly we continue to operate two of the greatest Scout camps in the country with facilities and programs second to none. In order to provide these programs our budget currently pays 9 staff members who are supporting over 4000 adult volunteers and 350 units.


Over 8,000 youth are involved in the Hudson Valley and have had their lives enriched last year as a result of Scouting programs and they continue to count on investments in their future from Friends of Scouting contributors like you. I know you will want to support the Hudson Valley Council through your Friends of Scouting donation once again. Thank you in advance for your consideration of this important request.  Together we can help the youth of our communities face the realities of today and the uncertainties of tomorrow, while giving them the values for a lifetime so they are Prepared for Life!


Our budget can be analyzed by the following percentages:


Revenue is received from Special Events 22%, Camping 19%, United Way 1%, Legacy and Bequest 10%, Foundations 1 %, Popcorn 13%, and FOS is at 19%. 


Our Expenses are the following: Administration 9%, Fundraising 11%, and Program is at 80%.

At 150 you get the 3 shoulder strips, and at 500 you get all 4 pieces, the shoulder strips and the Founders plaque.

You can now make your pledge/payment on line at the following link:


Yours in Scouting    



Jackie Heubach                                              Greg Crisci                                          Eric Wright


Heritage District Chairman                             District Commission                            Family FOS Chair


Levels of Giving

$97.00 Average Gift in Heritage District in 2014

$150.00 Supports one Scout for the Year and you will receive 3 shoulder strips 

$300.00 Supports 2 Scouts for one Year

$500.00 Supports 3 Scouts for one Year and you will receive

$750.00 Supports 5 Scouts for one Year

$900.00 Phenominal Support for 6 in a Den or Patrol

$25.00 Takes 6 gifts to support one Scout

$75.00 Takes 2 gifts to support one Scout