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Delaware River DistrictDistrict Committee


District Leadership
District Position Name Phone E-Mail
District Chairman Nancy Esposito (845) 292-2683 nesposito@hvc.rr.com
District Vice Chairman Gary Albaugh (570) 618-0373 webmaster@pack1003.com
District Commissioner Herb Rinkel Not Listed hrinkeljr@hotmail.com
Sr. District Executive Vacant (845) 566-7300, Ext. 304 david.horton@scouting.org
Finance Chair Vacant    
Popcorn Kernel Holly Kimble (845) 342-6388 holly.kimble3@gmail.com
Youth Protection Trainer and Disability Awareness Dennis Simmons (845) 701-3137 dsimmons@atitoday.org
Youth Development Chair James Steinberg (845) 796-2450 jamessteinberg@yahoo.com
Boy Scout Training Chair Steve Segda Not Listed SSegda61@yahoo.com
Health and Safety Chair Jessica Brighton (570) 296-7056 brightlite70@hotmail.com
Order of the Arrow - Chapter Advisor Alex Agostini (917) 805-1186 alex.agostini@nachanimat.org
District Webmaster Gary Albaugh (570) 618-0373 webmaster@pack1003.com


District Committee Members
Position Name Phone E-Mail
District Committee Member Bill Roberts (845) 361-1493 wbr53@earthlink.net
District Committee Member Charlie Ruiz (845) 386-1698 drdeagleboard@gmail.com
District Committee Member Elena Luyando (732) 261-6731 elenaluyando@gmail.com
District Committee Member Nicole Riccio (570) 686-1488 scoutlady4@gmail.com
District Committee Member Edwin Ward (570) 686-3394 edrw@earthlink.net
District Committee Member Gillian Kaiser (845) 856-8923 gillianmv6@aol.com
District Committee Member Alan Turken (845) 342-4625 alanturken@allstate.com
District Committee Member Billie Waterton (845) 421-2350 runningwynn@yahoo.com