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Dutchess DistrictCommissioners

 Dutchess Commissioners                                                      Last update 2-15-19

Commissioners are district and council leaders who help Scout units succeed. They coach and consult with adult leaders of Cub Scout packs, Scout BSA troops, and Venturing crews. Commissioners help maintain the standards of the Boy Scouts of America. They also oversee the unit charter renewal plan so that each unit re-register on time with an optimum number of youth and adult members.

District Commissioner

Mike Bozyczko     mbozyczko@gmail.com     ( 845 ) 489-8412


Assistant District Commissioners:

Bob Mondello

Mark Drozenski

Stan Waryas


Round table Commissioners:

Heleen VanPelt       Cub Scouts

Ken Helcoski          Scouts BSA



  Pack Number Commissioner     Troop Number Commissioner
1 Pack 3001 Mark Shekitka   1 Troop 3001 Brian McElroy
2 Pack 3015 Clint Oestrich          
3 Pack 3022 Diana Berardi   3 Troop 3017 Stan Waryas
4 Pack 3028 Mark Drozenski   4 Troop 3022 Diana Berardi
6 Pack 3031 Ed Harvey   6 Troop 3025 Stan Waryas
7 Pack 3033 Earl Wilser   7 Troop 3026 Clint Oestrich
8 Pack 3034     8 Troop 3029 Ed Harvey
9 Pack 3040 Steve Juckett   9 Troop 3031 Ed Harvey
10 Pack 3042 Mark Drozenski  


Troop 3033  
11 Pack 3045 Earl Wilser   11 Troop 3034  
          12 Troop 3037 Julie Clark
13 Pack 3054 Bill VanPelt   13 Troop 3040 Amy Dick
14 Pack 3056 William Hawlk   14 Troop 3041 Jim Ford
15 Pack 3063     15 Troop 3042 Greg Fildes
16 Pack 3067 Mark Drozenski   16 Troop 3045 Mark Drozenski
17 Pack 3077 Bob Mondello   17 Troop 3048  
18 Pack 3082     18 Troop 3050 Bill Hawlk
19 Pack 3100 Bill Hawlk   19 Troop 3065 Jim Duffy
20 Pack 3122 Pat Mellen   20 Troop 3077 Bob Mondello
21 Pack 3127 Bill Griffiths Sr.   21 Troop 3080  
22 Pack 3153 Mark Drozenski   22 Troop 3082 Dan Briscoe
23 Pack 3182     23 Troop 3086 Dan Briscoe
24 Pack 3195 Stan Waryas   24 Troop 3095 Amy Dick
25 Pack 3223 Mark Drozenski   25 Troop 3128 Mark Drozenski
26 Pack 3227 Jim Duffy   26 Troop 3182 Bill Hawlk
            27 Troop 3222 Diana Berardi
  Crew Number Commissioner   28 Troop 3228 Greg Fildes
1 Crew 3037 Julie Clark   29 Troop 3275 Mike Bozyczko
2 Crew 3065 Jim Duffy            
3 Crew 3080       Post Number Commissioner
4 Crew 3125 Dan Briscoe   1 Post 3045  
5 Crew 3758 Dan Briscoe   2 Post 3077  
6 Crew 3609 Jodi Juckett            




What is A Commissioner?

A commissioner plays several roles, including friend, representative, unit "doctor," teacher, and counselor.

There is one thing a commissioner is NOT. They are not "Spies"

The commissioner is a friend of the unit. Of all their roles, this one is the most important. It springs from the attitude, "I care, I am here to help, what can I do for you?" Caring is the ingredient that makes commissioner service successful. He or she is an advocate of unit needs. A commissioner who makes himself known and accepted now will be called on in future times of trouble. The commissioner is a representative. The average unit leader is totally occupied in working with kids. Some have little if any contact with the Boy Scouts of America other than a commissioner's visit to their meeting. To them, the commissioner may be the BSA. The commissioner helps represent the ideals, the principles, and the policies of the Scouting movement.

The commissioner is a unit "doctor." In their role as "doctor," they know that prevention is better than a cure, so they try to see that their units make good "health practices" a way of life. When problems arise, and they will even in the best unit, they act quickly. They observe symptoms, diagnose the real ailment, prescribe a remedy, and follow up on the patient.

The commissioner is a teacher. As a commissioner, they will have a wonderful opportunity to participate in the growth of unit leaders by sharing knowledge with them. They teach not just in an academic environment, but where it counts most as an immediate response to a need to know. That is the best adult learning situation since the lesson is instantly reinforced by practical application of the new knowledge.

The commissioner is a counselor. As a Scouting counselor, they will help units solve their own problems. Counseling is the best role when unit leaders don't recognize a problem and where solutions are not clear-cut. Everyone needs counseling from time to time, even experienced leaders.

See a unit without a commissioner? Would you like to be a unit commissioner? Contact District Commissioner Mike Bozyczko and he would be glad to utilize your talents!