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CN - Fishing Derby on Lake DeForest

CN - Fishing Derby on Lake DeForest
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SUEZ Fishing Derby at Lake DeForest Day 

SUEZ is opening its Lake DeForest Reservoir for fishing!

This event its open to all boys and girls!

Rockland District wants to Support Packs and Troops by offering this as a Bring-A-Friend Recruitment Event

Trophies to the Winners in the following Rank/Age groups:

Lions/Tigers / 5-6 years old

Wolves/Bears / 7-8 years old

Webelos/AOLs / 9-10 years old

Boy Scouts / 11-13 years old

Event Details:

Parking will be at the New City Little League - Strawtown Field parking lot.

Fishing Derby begins at 7 a.m. and will be over at 10:30 a.m. 

Participants must bring their own poles/tackle/bait.

The goal is to catch as many fish as possible between those hours. (Catch and Release)

Every fish caught must be verified and initialed by one of our Judges.

At approximately  11 a.m., the results will be tallied and trophies will be awarded.

All youngsters registered in the event will receive a voucher for a free lunch.

Youth 14 and older may register as a "Fishing Young Adult"


All those who enter the reservoir grounds need to sign an entry form with SUEZ.


Please read below for specifics on registration:

Youth Registration: $10

  • Admission to Reservoir
  • Admission to Fishing Derby
  • Lunch Voucher
  • All youth must be supervised by a responsible adult. A responsible adult is a parent or guardian, or an adult who can contact the parent or guardian in case of an emergency. 
  • ATTENTION SCOUTS: Scouts who bring a program eligible friend are free. Please follow instructions below for registration.

Fishing Adult Registration: $5

  • Admission to reservoir with permission to fish.

Scouts Registering for the event:

  • Online registration is MANDATORY.
  • Fill in all requested information for the Scouts, Adults, and Scouting-eligible guests (boys 5-13, boys and girls 14-20)
  • Bring check or cash to pay on the day of the event.

Non-Scouts Registering for the event:

  • Online registration is MANDATORY.
  • Fill in all requested information for non-Scouts
  • Please bring a check or cash to the event. (Online payment fees apply)
$10.00 per Current Cub/Boy Scout
$5.00 per Fishing Parent
Early Discount
Before 6/29/2018 a discount of $10.00 will apply to all Prospective Cub Scout Registrants.