Weekend Camping Reservations





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Severe Tick Warning 
 There is an abundance of ticks and more of them will be
carrying Lyme Disease.  Please remember if you are hiking the trails of camp to make sure you wear
long pants and long sleeves and check yourself all over when you get back to your campsite and home.

Cancellation Policy: 
Refund Policy: You must cancel a reservation within two weeks before the reservation date to receive a refund. Cancellations not received within two weeks are non-refundable. To cancel a reservation, contact the Hudson Valley Council at 845-566-7300, Ext. 307 or via email to Donna.helt@scouting.org

Please read the Hudson Valley Council Camp Rules on the Camps webpages.  Everyone must obey these rules.

New Rates Effective August 1, 2015!  For a listing, visit the Camps webpages.

Dining Hall Policy: NO one is allowed to sleep inside the Dining Hall.
Dining Halls are for eating and social purposes only.

Archery / Rifle Range Policy: Anyone booking the ranges, must book 30 days out AND provide email copies of NRA certified RSO and NRA certified Rifle Instructors certifications to the Council Shooting Sports Chairman, Tony Raco, at argsp@aol.com.  
To view Bullowa Range SOP documents, go to the Camp Bullowa website.  
To view Nooteeming Range SOP documents, go to the Camp Nooteeming website.

Please be advised that there are NO VEHICLES ALLOWED IN CAMP.

For Camp Bullowa Only:
No parking of vehicles or trailers is permitted on A-Field or B-Field at any time.  Units and Unit Leaders who fail to following this policy will be subject to a fine by the Council Properties Committee for repair of any damage to the field.  These sites are premier camping areas for our units and are not be used as parking areas.  Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

For Camp Bullowa Only: ATVs are rented out on our property with our Qualified Instructor.  For more information, please contact the Hudson Valley Council Service Center at 845-566-7300.

Please Note
: The last weekend to reserve facilities is 6/18/17-6/19/2017.

Reservations for the 2017-18 year will re-open August 15, 2017.

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