The Delaware River District serves 1,520 youth through 65 units in the Counties of Orange
and Sullivan in New York, and Pike County in Pennsylvania.


District Leadership
District Position Name Phone E-Mail
District Chairman Denis Livingston 845-754-6135
District Commissioner Burton Struble 845-551-0825
Sr. District Executive Harold Teller 845-566-7300, Ext. 323

Finance Chair Vacant    
Popcorn Kernel Nancy Esposito 845-292-2683
Popcorn Co-Kernel Holly Kimble 845-342-6388
Youth Development Chair James Steinberg 845-796-2450
Leadership Development Chair Vacant    
Boy Scout Activities Chair James Fedina 845-343-2569
Cub Scout Activities Chair Gary Albaugh 570-618-0373
Health and Safety Chair Charlie Brush 845-590-5988
Order of the Arrow - Chapter Advisor Alex Agostini 917-805-1186
Order of the Arrow - Chapter Chief Eric Schomber    
District Webmaster      
District Committee Members
Name Phone E-Mail
Carl Berkowitz 845-361-1061
Linda Emanuel 845-361-1061
Bill Roberts 845-361-1493
Charlie Ruiz 845-386-1698
Robert Thony 845-482-4438 No Email
James Jones 570-686-7440
Edwin Ward 570-686-3394
John Gain 845-482-4064
Robert Owens 845-791-7239
Ruth Owens 845-791-7239
Gillian Kaiser 845-856-8923
Art Olson 845-794-2415
Alan Turken 845-342-4625
John McCauley 570-686-1963
Lynn McCauley 570-686-1963
Joe Fucci 845-342-4944
Gary Schmidt 845-794-5941


District Commissioner Staff
Position Name Phone E-Mail
District Commissioner Burton Struble 845-551-0825
Assistant District Commissioner Joe Fucci 845-342-4944
Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner Charlie Ruiz 845-386-1698
Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner Matthew Schomber 845-744-8426
Assistant District Commissioner John McCauley 570-686-1963
Unit Commissioner Lynn McCauley 570-686-1963
Unit Commissioner Bill Roberts 845-361-1493
Unit Commissioner Bruce Hoins 845-856-4793
Unit Commissioner Rob Scheuering 845-647-3052
Unit Commissioner Ana Lucia Teran-Stasilli 845-557-0423

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